Play Group

“A gentle hand wipes away the tears, a hug, cuddle with an encouraging and comforting smile greets the little toddlers and their young mothers as they take their tentative step into the Dew Drops Playgroup.”  This is a very special environment where the parents, babies and aunties meet together in a casual relaxed atmosphere. The playgroup in Dew Drops does not adhere to any strict working regime. It is the little babies who decide, they are offered play experiences to stimulate their senses. These children are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. The aunties in the playgroup help the little ones to – 

Make new friends
Develop physically, socially, emotionally & intellectually
Develop their skills of co-operation through music, group singing, free play and tiffin time
Develop verbal communication skills
Develop fine motor skills.


The Playgroup is uncluttered, neat and clean with a large space for the little ones to move around freely. The tools are colourful, safe and suited for the tiny ones. The playgroup at Dew Drops is indeed a home away from home.



A well trained and dedicated set of adults are employed to take charge of the needs of the children in every specialized field of activity.  Most faculty members hold diplomas from accredited Montessori Institutions in the country.  Most helpers have experience in handling children for at least ten to fifteen years.

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