We feel that each child has the right to education without any discrimination. Thus, we offer admission on first come first serve basis. Admission is open throughout the year. The age criteria are as follows:- 


1 year 4 months - 2 years        : Playgroup
2yrs & above                : Montessori




The Admission is strictly based on parents' interview. Submission of the application form does not guarantee admission.



Identity Card is an important document issued at the time of admission. It has to be kept carefully as the child is handed over to the bearer of the card only.  Keeping in view of the safety of the child, duplicate Identity Card will not be issued.



The school remains open for five days in a week

:  Monday - Friday

The working timings of different groups are as follows:


Children below the age of 2 years (Playgroup)

:  9a.m. -  11a.m.

Children between in age group 2 years - 3 years

:  9a.m. -  12 Noon

Children above the age of 3 years

:  9a.m. -  1p.m.


The child should be dropped in the premises by 9.00 a.m. sharp after which the gates will be closed. The child should be collected at the closing time as mentioned on production of the Identity Card.



Non-punctuality and irregular attendance hampers the development and progress of the child. Hence, parents are requested to see to the child's regularity and punctuality as these help in including self discipline.


If the child is required to be absent from the school or if parents want the child to be home before the scheduled time, they should send a letter addressed to the Principal indicating a valid reason.


If the child is suffering from any illness like Typhoid or Chickenpox, it is advised to let the child have complete recuperation before joining the school. It is important for the parents to send the doctor's certificate about the child's fitness.



A child friendly uniform keeping into consideration the climatic changes is introduced i.e. a bright yellow T-shirt and denim shorts.

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