I started Dew Drops 30 years ago in the year 1985 with stars in my eyes and a strong determination. I had a vision of building an ideal Montessori environment where the focus would be the child. The journey was not an easy one, but adversity makes a person stronger and the belief to excel and create the right ambience for the child helped me to reach the position where Dew Drops is today. Of course no success is complete without the support, dedication and hard work of all my colleagues through the years. It is my belief that I have honestly and sincerely tried to incorporate the ideals and values true to the Montessori philosophy in Dew Drops, making it an ideal place for the child to grow up as a responsible adult member of our society.


Founder Director

Kanta A. Nain












The Montessori environment is a prepared environment. In the prepared environment of the Montessori classroom, the children are free to work and learn. The child engages happily in purposeful activities. Concentration, inner discipline and motivation develop naturally, as the children discover and explore this carefully planned environment.

Children work at their own pace, finding attractive activities, which are appropriate for their different stages of development. They become problem solvers, leaders, and challenge seekers with a tremendous amount of self-esteem, self-discipline and love for learning.

Children absorb from their environment everything that is part of their culture; they do this without getting tired or fatigued. Learning occurs most fundamentally as a result of interaction with the environment. The teacher is both part of this learning environment as well as the dynamic link between it and the learner.

It is through the control and engineering of the physical properties of the educational setting that the Montessori teacher may have the greatest impact on the children. Her primary mission is to create a safe, beautiful and rich environment where children can learn to master and develop their natural skills.


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